Brand Strategyfor Change Makers

Know, show and (be)come,
who you truly are
in the wider context of
sustainable development
– as a company, a brand
or an individual.

Welcome to our World

Welcome toour World

The Journey to Co-createSustainable Brand Identities

Most people are just starting to understand and embrace sustainable development. However, the companies they work for are already required to produce sustainability reports and comply with new EU regulations. In all the numeric measures and reports on sustainability, we tend to forget the human beings in the system, who might not be personally ready to deliver on these metrics. Outer complexity requires inner capability as change always happens within first. Identifying and embracing these challenges becomes much easier when you have a counterpart—which, in German, means ‚Gegenpol.‘

That’s exactly what we offer!

Bridging Gaps and Mismatches

From Inside Out

We have developed a personal growth and business coaching framework. Through this, we create Sustainable Brand Identities that function as an inner guide for individuals and companies, connecting numbers and people. This framework influences every aspect of business operations. It is the foundation for business and communication strategies, product development, and forms the basis for the approach to sustainability reporting, as well as avoiding greenwashing traps.

However, achieving this is not as easy as a finger snap! It’s a journey that requires active participation from all involved, along with courage and foresight, to dare to delve into the inner core, to communicate and act coherently to what you have identified there. We call this alignment Sustainable Brand Identity. It will guide you through the challenges of the Anthropocene era with integrity.

A Circular Approachfor a Deeply Felt Commitment

This process creates an intrinsic motivation to live the values and goals of a company, contributing to sustainable development. Furthermore, its result works as an everyday tool to help taking decisions of any kind.


  • Truly knowing who you are as a brand, company and person
  • Analysis of current state and pinpointing where you want to grow

The process usually involves a company-wide reshaping of values, mission, and thought patterns. Our workshops, tools, and exercises are designed to lead the change and result in the manifestation of the brand core.


  • Appropriately co-translating and showcasing the revealed core
  • Creating tools that direct everyday decisions

The outcome of our process can be a brand book, guidebook, framework, or a set of tools that help make more sustainable daily decisions. It is co-created by the company leaders and employees so that taking ownership comes coherently. It complements numerical reports (such as GRI Standard reports) and gives substance to the data.


  • Bringing the reveiled sustainable brand identity to life
  • Consequently delivering from inside out in every expression

It takes daily action and consistent application to activate the potential of the brand’s manifested core. A Sustainable Brand Identity ensures everyone is moving in the same direction towards sustainable development for the company, the people, and the planet. We mentor, coach, and support this implementation with customized tools, exercises, and programs.

Giving the wordto our clients

Giving the wordto our clients

Brand Coaching and DesignWorkshops and Keynotes

We encourage, support, and empower your journey towards Sustainable Development.

We enable people, brands, and companies to place sustainability at the very heart of their business with integrity and based on their authentic core, their Sustainable Brand Identity.

We know this takes courage and that’s why we support creative confidence in everyone working with us.

Get in touch for your customized possibilities to work with us.

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