Estonia: From Project to Love

A Sustainable-first Mindset

The Visit Estonia Brand Strategy and Story

Falling in love with Estonia over the last few years has been a journey of discovery, inspiration, deep connection and reward for our team. Having lived and worked in Tallinn, we’ve not only experienced firsthand what the country states: „In Estonia, clean and untouched nature co-exists with the world’s most digitally advanced society. It is a place for independent minds where bright ideas meet a can-do spirit“ but also the country’s genuine commitment to sustainability.

So, when the opportunity arose to contribute to a Visit Estonia campaign for the German market, it felt like a special treat—a chance to give back to a place that has given us so much.

Starting in 2022, we were thrilled to support Lantern (London), who has crafted the overarching brand strategy as a reflection of Estonia’s dedication to sustainable tourism. This collaboration laid the groundwork for our further engagement with Visit Estonia and the agency AGE, launching a targeted advertising campaign in Germany. It was a pleasure to help ensure the campaign’s message resonated effectively, adding our insights of Conscious Consumers and Tourism to enhance its cultural and linguistic depth. It’s been truly rewarding to assist in amplifying Estonia’s green initiatives.

A heartfelt thank you goes to Liina Maria Lepik, Imbi Lepik-Martinson and Anna-Liisa Virkus for their trust, to Lantern for their strategic inspiration, and to AGE for their collaborative spirit in refining the campaign’s adaptation.

Seeing the Visit Estonia ads on our Social Media feeds was a nice surprise. It reminded us of our journey and inspired us to write this post. It showed us how far we’ve come together and felt like the right time to share our experiences working in Estonia.

To those reading, consider this an invitation to discover Estonia for yourself. Explore its stunning landscapes and unwavering commitment to sustainability. It’s about time.


Please discover the full scope of the campaign and the vibrant stories woven together on the ‚Gute Aussichten fürs Reisen‘ campaign homepage by Visit Estonia.